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This evening about 16 members travelled to Henley to hear Dickie Duckett’s Wild Life presentation of his travels to Bosque del Apache – US Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, Svalbard, namely Spizbergen – Arctic Island and native birds from areas in this country.

The photos were truly remarkable showing wonderful shots of Starlings, Kingfishers, Corncrake, a Crested Tit and many more.

From The Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, we were shown Cranes in huge numbers.  They come into feed in the cornfield along with the Snow Geese, at the centre.  They spend the Winter there.  My favourite was a Sandhill Crane taking off on a frozen lake.  It looked just as though it was skating.  Other birds from this region included an extraordinary looking Gambell’s Quail, a very pretty male House Finch with a pinky head and chest, an American Goldfinch, a Western Bluebird and numerous others.

From the Svalbard photos there were Little Auks, Guillemots perched on rafts of ice, Snow Bunting, Waders and Gulls.  Polar Bears, Whales, Seals and many Seabirds featured in the presentation.

I feel I need to go back to the drawing board on how to take images, everything was so clear, sharp, beautifully presented with sympathetic backgrounds.  An excellent evening and enjoyed by everyone, the time seemed to rush by.  A big thank you Dickie and Henley Photographic Club.




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  1. This was a good evening indeed. While the rain lashed down outside, we were enthralled by Dickie Duckett’s riveting presentation and images. I would love to be able to take a photo of a Kingfisher. (On two occasions I have succeeded, but the creature was so far away and zooming-in created so much distortion that it could have been scrap of fabric from a pair of bloomers…)

    Apart from Dickie’s excellent photography, what made his images outstanding was the fact that he had taken the trouble to show the birds in their natural habitat, and also showed enough background to give an idea of scale. The little auk is a tiny bird (related to the puffin and guillemot family)but this wasn’t evident until rocks, sea, and foliage were introduced to provide a measure.

    Dickie didn’t confine his magic to birds, and we saw great shots of seals, Walrus, and polar bears, together with a sprinkling of arctic foxes.

    I agree with Margaret on my favourite, the elegant skating crane!


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