Week 4, Travel log!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed last nights meeting, I certainly did. I felt the speaker had good rhythm, tone, and i like the way the evening was varied with the video presentation and other varying shot.

There where some fantastic photos, I am now feeling certain i will have to visit some Yaks in Mongolia and stay in a yurt, the scenery was stunning and I am all up for posh camping. I also particularly liked the photos of the opera’s makeup.

I wasn’t at the last meeting when we had a speaker, but from what i have heard it was not as good as last night. The committee have taken this on board and hopefully future speakers will get more and more interesting!

Next week looks good, i am excited about learning more about camera’s myself! Please remember to bring yours and any tripods, lights, flash guns etc. for us to be able to show you all properly, and also any still life things your interested in photographing! i have a fabulous collection of hats i may bring. Just a quick reminder about the comp on the 18th, send in your pictures pronto, as an open subject noone has any excuse not to enter!

Hope to see you all next week


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