Whipsnade Zoo Club Trip

Dear all,

I am trying to get a group together to visit Whipsnade Zoo on Sunday 10th May.
We will be departing from Dean St car park circa 9.00am as the zoo opens at 10.00am and is about an hour’s drive. Return probably 5 – 6 pm.

For those who haven’t been there, Whipsnade is the largest zoo in the country and houses a varied collection of the bigger mammals. There are some good photographic opportunities for elephants, rhino, giraffe, etc and plenty of the big cats, although you may have to shoot through glass to get pictures of the latter.

The Lemur enclosure is walk-through and there are many interesting keeper talks about the animals. The flying bird display (last time I went…) featured three pairs of Macaws flying circuits high above the arena which was spectacular.

As this is a big zoo the entrance fee is higher than some, being £22 per adult. There are reductions for OAPs or if we get a group of 10 people. There is, however, a lot to see and photograph so I think it is worth it. Restaurant and drinks stations are on site.

As usual if anybody is interested in coming please can they let me know and I will try and arrange drivers. Telephoto lenses and macros may be a good idea but not essential as there is something for everybody…

Dick Fielding.
07587 241486     [email protected]

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