Workshops / Practical Evenings

In the club’s programme we have scheduled a number of practical evenings. These are intended to give hands-on experiences to our members and focus on a particular technique or aspect of photography. These evenings serve as a great forum for exchanging ideas and learning as well as being great fun! Workshops are typically organised by our members and have covered a range of topics, such as:

  • Balancing flash and ambient light to get a sharp frozen image with a movement blur from a moving object.
  • Photowalks around Marlow and the Thames.
  • A lecture on white balance.
  • Use of lighting in portraits and studio techniques.
  • Close-up and Macro tabletop photography
  • Photographing owls (with real live owls!)

Members are encouraged to bring along their cameras and equipment or laptops depending on the nature of the evening.

Here are a selection of images taken of our members at work: